The Lily and the Lions

Southern Sustenance: Our journey toward a sensibly sustainable, purposeful, and soulful life

The Journey is the Destination

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Maybe it sounds cliche, but that’s what this is for us- a new beginning, a new way of living.  You see, we have been living the commercialized life that so many of us live.  We don’t know, aren’t aware of, or just don’t care about all the ways we have lost ourselves in stuff.  Stuff that isn’t good for our bodies, our minds, or our souls.


For so long we have fussed about negatives- corporations, government, and the like.  Rather than feed into the negative, like the pink goo in Ghostbuster 2, we decided to find a different way.  So, we started this journey.

One of our favorite quotes says, “The journey is the destination.”  I’m not sure to whom to attribute this quote, but it sums up our life and our philosophy.  We have started a journey to living a more sustainable life that provides sustenance.  Sustenance to our bodies, our minds, and our souls.


The thing about a journey is that they are full of surprises– good ones and bad ones.  We make mistakes.  We have new experiences.  We have disappointments.  We meet really awesome people.  We get mad.  We fall in love.  We have our hearts broken.  Such is the nature of the journey.

What’s important though, what defines us and defines our journey, is not what happens to us, but what we do with what happens to us.  We must be open to growing and learning and, sadly, hurting.  Let these things create in us and through us a life full of purpose- a life of giving and loving.



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