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Which came first- the chicken or the egg?

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For us, the chickens!


Benedict, Fried, Omelet… Bet you can guess who decided to name these girls.  Yes, the boys!  We attended a Workshop at the Mississippi Modern Homestead  in Starkville.  We were given four chickens.  Oh… three names? Well, Ethan decided to name his Rex.  It seems he has a penchant for naming things Rex.

So, YES! We are now the owners of four baby chicks, females, that are one week old.

What did we learn? We learned the basics on taking care of our chicks and raising them to teenagers and then to adults.  They are buffs and will be a yellowish color when they are grown.  No, no worries, these aren’t for eating.  They are for eggs!


 What else did we receive? We now have a boorder, lamp (with heat light bulb), newspaper, straw, feed, feeder, waterer, and a magazine on raising chickens.  Oh! And Benedict, Fried, Omlet, and Rex!




Heat lamp




Heat lamp bulb



The plan is to build something for them in the backyard using our old playset.  The kids have not played on it in years. We were going to use the halfpipe, but Eli was worried about poop on his halfpipe.

The most interesting things I learned about chickens:

  • If you clip both sides of their wings, they will adapt.  Clip only one side.
  • Chickens are “dumb” when they are asleep, so that is when you mess with the “stubborn” ones.
  • The more you hold them, the more the chickens will allow you to hold them.
  • Chickens need textured wood, like as a stick, as opposed to a slick wood, dowel, or they will slip and fall.
  • Oh, and my favorite! Their vent holes get clogged.  You need to clean those.  Anybody make diapers for chicks?

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