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Well, hello, stranger. Yes, it has been a while. Sorry about the time, but I was busy. No, not busy homesteading. Busy with one of my favorites “hobbies.” I was busy with graduate school. And, I am happy to say that on May 4, 2014, I graduated from the University of Alabama with an Educational Specialist (Ed.S.) in counselor education.

There is not much to write about except that I am from a family of educators and even those of us not working in education truly believe in the value of education. What I love about education is that no one can take it away from you. You may fall on hard times, but your education will not leave you. It is yours.

So, I leave you with two things.  First, I’M BACK!! This means you can expect to hear more from me 🙂  Second, I want to share with you this picture.  It’s of my father and me right after my graduation.  My husband took this pic.  It’s one of my favorite pictures ever.



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