The Lily and the Lions

Southern Sustenance: Our journey toward a sensibly sustainable, purposeful, and soulful life


About us…

  • Family of four plus one cat and one dog
  • We love camping and whitewater rafting.
  • Mark, our Renaissance man and Jack-of-all-trades (master of none), enjoys sports, games, and making things with this hands.
  • Eli likes Legos, skateboarding, and video games. Oh, and his phone.  Did I mention his phone?
  • Ethan likes Legos, video games and movies, helping in the kitchen, singing, and SWEETS– particularly cookies, cheese cake, & donuts.
  • I like trees, coffee, traveling (CAMPING), reading, and quiet time.



The fine print

All opinions expressed here are solely my own.  As the current time, I have no affiliate links or paid advertisers.

Even more important– I am not a doctor!  No information given here is meant to replace that of a licensed health care provider.  Anytime you begin a new diet or start a new health routine, you should always consult your physician(s).  If you are on any medications, it is important to know how medications, foods, herbs, and so forth interact.  Be sure to talk to both your doctor and your pharmacist prior to modifying your doctor prescribed health routine.  And, as a parent of a child with allergies, be mindful to trying new things and always do so in a safe way.


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